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Mildura, VIC, 3500
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At Mel Schmidt Panel Works, we offer a wide range of services to our valued customers.
These include:
  • Full vehicle crash repairs including panel beating and spray painting for cars, trucks, busses and commercial vehicles
  • Sand Blasting for machinery, tipper bodies and ute trays 
  • Towing using 4 tilt tray tow trucks for smash towing, trade towing and machinery site (accommodation) huts
  • Industrial spray painting of repair vehicles
services-mel schmidt panel works   service-mel schmidt panel works   services-mel schmidt panel works

We understand that accidents occur around the clock, so gladly offer full towing services 24 hours a day with loan vehicles available on request.

At Mel Shmidt Panel Works, we are passionate about leaving a positive mark on our environment so have a very strong recycling process in place. From radiators to bull bars we recycle everything we possibly can and even choose to wash all our cars in rain water straight from our tank!
Other products we recycle include:
  • Cardboard 
  • Steel
  • Radiators
  • A/C condensers
  • Batteries
  • Alloys
  • Plastic b/bars and headlamps
  • Sandblasting materials
  recycling-mel schmit panel works 
recycling-mel schmidt panel works
  recycling-mel schmidt panel works
  recycling-mel schmidt panel works

For more information on our wide range of professional services, or to book an appointment with our friendly staff, please contact us today.